The Glovebox

Whether you are a new or experienced caravanner, a club member or someone who uses their caravan once a year for the annual holidays, the CCQ trusts that the following topics on caravanning guidelines will ensure you a trouble-free, safe and enjoyable caravanning experience.

If you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to approach the CCQ or a fellow caravanner for their insights into the caravanning world.


Understanding Tow Vehicle and Caravan Weights

There has been some confusion about the weight of a caravan that a vehicle can legally tow. In the interest of safety of all motorists, the CCQ encourages all caravanners to familiarise themselves with the weight regulations to ensure their Tow Vehicle and Caravan Weights do not exceed the maximum legal weights.

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Campsite Etiquette

Regardless of where you stay; at a caravan park, a showground or a bush camp everyone's stay can be enjoyable by following simple guidelines for good campsite etiquette.

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Sharing the Road

Showing common sense and courtesy towards fellow drivers combined with the observance of road rules and some simple guidelines will make each journey and the roads safer.

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Did You Know ?

Hints, Tips, Tricks and Answers to things that every caravanner should know for a safe and enjoyable caravanning experience.

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