Caravan Club

Members of a Queensland caravan club

What is a Caravan Club?

A Caravan Club is a group of like-minded caravan and RV owners, including family groups with children, who meet once a month at a pre-determined venue for a Caravan Rally.  Venues range from Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, Sportsgrounds, Scout Camps or National Parks.  Rallies are a social affair where members meet to enjoy each other's company.

Each CCQ affiliated Caravan Club is a fully autonomous entity that is incorporated and managed by an elected committee in accordance with the constitution of that Caravan Club.  Each Club is unique in that they have their own rules and demographics; but all have the one common enjoyment of caravanning and its camaraderie.

Clubs are family orientated and cater for all age groups and sections of the community.
Members come from all walks of life and together have vast caravanning experience giving  valuable assistance and many hints on caravanning life.

Why join a Caravan Club?

A caravan is a significant investment. Why let it sit in the back yard and only use it once a year for the annual holiday? Join a caravan club, and not only will you get more use out of your caravan, you will also get to meet and make new friends.

Those new to caravanning will be able to draw on a wealth of knowledge from more experienced caravanners, whilst enjoying new friends and going to new places.

Joining a caravan club provides an all year around opportunity to use the caravan by attending regular club rallies.

 Join a Caravan Club

Most caravan clubs require a potential member to attend three rallies prior to being invited to join the Club.  Some clubs have a capped membership and there may be a waiting list for anyone wanting to join that Club.  Joining fees usually apply.

Full details about a Club including their rules, joining and annual membership fees and all aspects of that Club may be obtained by contacting the Secretary of a Club in a region near you.

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