Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCQ)

ABN  78 718 013 843    Incorporation No. IA12645

The State Association for Queensland Caravan Clubs

The Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCQ) is a non-profit organisation providing a united voice for affiliated caravan clubs in Queensland.

The CCQ on behalf of over 30 affiliated clubs and 1100 members throughout Queensland is able to make representation to all levels of Governments and businesses for the benefit of the caravanning fraternity.

With the number of caravan clubs in Queensland increasing, the voice of the CCQ is becoming stronger and is being heard and acknowledged.

The CCQ provides a common bonding link between all affiliated caravan clubs in Queensland and throughout Australia.  The CCQ also facilitates the annual State Rally and the National Rally when held in Queensland.

The CCQ is managed by a volunteer executive committee elected at the Annual General Meeting by Club Delegates.   The executive committee meets as required to manage business and to make recommendations at the bi-monthly Delegates Meetings.  Two club members from each of the affiliated clubs represent their club at the Delegates Meetings.  Northern clubs unable to attend may be represented at these meeting by proxy members.

Chosen Charity

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is proudly supported by the CCQ and the affiliated clubs.  As the chosen charity, the CCQ and each of the affiliated clubs makes an annual donation to the RFDS.

National Association of Caravan Clubs

The Caravan Clubs of Queensland is affiliated with the National Association of Caravan Clubs (NACC) which represents each of the five State caravanning club associations at a National level.

Nationally there are over 148 caravan clubs and 5200 member vans under the umbrella of the NACC.


The first caravan club in Queensland was formed in 1949 by Alex Chesney, a Chermside caravan dealer, after discussions with Mr Norm Clark of Caravan Centre and Mr B. Flack a caravan owner.  It was known as the Caravan Club of Australia, Brisbane Branch.  In 1955 it changed its name to the Queensland Caravan Club.   Alex’s son Neil, a caravan manufacturer, formed the Chesney Caravan Club which later changed its name to the Carousel Caravan Club.

By 1976 the Sunshine Caravan Club and the Kookaburra Caravan Club of Ipswich had also been formed.  In that year the first combined rally of caravan clubs was held.   Because of the high number of camper vans in attendance it was decided to form a club for camper vans, hence the formation of the Campervan Club of Queensland.

In 1980/81 the 4th National Rally of Caravan Clubs was held at Nambour and hosted by a Combined Clubs of Queensland committee.   This committee was made up of ten members from the five caravan clubs in Queensland with the sole purpose of hosting the National Rally.

A Bicentennial Committee was later formed after a suggestion that a special State Rally be held in 1988 to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary.  The Committee, members from the five clubs, hosted a very successful Bicentennial State Rally at Nambour in May 1988 when 123 vans attended.

Following the Bicentennial Rally thoughts turned to fundraising for the next National Rally to be held in Queensland in 1998/99.  From this meeting, a committee known as the Association of Caravan Clubs of Queensland was formed.   By 1994 the association had become incorporated and the name changed to the Combined Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCCQ).

In 2014 the name was then changed to Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCQ).