National Rallies

National Caravan Rally

National Caravan Rallies are held every three years in a different Australian State.  Members of caravan clubs affiliated with their State Caravan Associations are eligible to  attend National Caravan Rallies.

The National Caravan Rallies are held on a rotational basis with all states except for Tasmania and the Northern Territory hosting the Rallies.

The Rallies are held over a period of ten days with the dates for the rally being determined by the host state as being the most suitable for maximum visitor benefit.

National Caravan Rallies and State Caravan Rallies are conducted along similar lines.

Over the years, National Caravan Rallies have been hosts to visiting caravanners from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, America, Japan and Asia.


The first National Caravan Rally, hosted by the Caravan Club of South Australia over the 1970/71 New Year period.  The rally was held at Mildura with six clubs in attendance.  At the 15th National Caravan Rally held at Rockhampton, Queensland 81 clubs with 564 member vans were in attendance.

In 1990 at the 7th National Caravan Rally a decision was made to form an Australian Association of Caravan Clubs, and in 1993 at the 8th National Caravan Rally the National Association of Caravan Clubs (NACC) was formed.  All National Caravan Rallies are now organised by a host State Association and run under the umbrella of the National Association of Caravan Clubs.


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2025 National Rally

Mudgee NSW

29th September to 7th October