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Tyre Tensioning

What is it & why do you need to know?

Have you encountered the following situation when unhitching your van?
You slowly lift the van off the hitch pin. Van comes up and then all goes south very quickly after that. The van leaps forward, missing the car’s rear bumper by millimetres, rolls off the block of wood, the Trailer-Mate foot plate digs into the ground and stops about 400mm in its new position. You stand back, take a breath, scratch your head and mutter, “what the bloody hell went wrong there?”
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Power Cord Safety

One very good reason why a power cord must not be used when coiled up.
Although the explanation in the following link is not technically correct, it can still have the same devastating end result.

Roll Up a Power Cord Correctly

Everyone has seen someone wrestling with a power cord, whether they are trying to unwind and lay it lay flat on the ground, or they are trying to roll it up neatly for storage.
The following videos show how to avoid this situation. This over and under method is recommended for power cords, hoses and ropes of all sizes.

Note: Power cords that are badly twisted will never lay flat or roll up neatly: maybe it is time to  replace them.