Networking is one of the benefits of affiliation with the CCQ

There are many benefits of affiliation with the CCQ for  caravan clubs as well as the caravan club members.

Benefits take many forms, not just financial.

Benefits of  Affiliation for Caravan Clubs:

  • access to Public Liability Insurance at a greatly discounted rate
  • access to venues where a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance is required
  • access to venues that are limited to caravan clubs only
  • access to a channel of communication between Local, State and Federal authorities. This may be in matters relating to safe travelling, caravanning, camping and other topics that may be of interest or concern to the caravanning members
  • the opportunity to network with Caravan clubs throughout all states of Australia

Benefits of  Affiliation for Caravan Club Members:

  • access to discounts offered by businesses to affiliated caravan club members
  • access to Australia wide discounts by way of a Benefits Card issued by the National Association of Caravan Clubs Ltd
  • entitlement to attend the State Caravan Clubs Rally held in a different town every year
  • entitlement to attend the National Caravan Clubs Rally held every three years in a different State
  • discounted site fees at caravan parks and showgrounds
  • the opportunity to become an active participant in the organisation and management of the affiliated club
  • as visitors, the opportunity to attend rallies held by other clubs

Is your Caravan Club affiliated with the CCQ?

Requirements for affiliation:

  • The caravan club must be incorporated to meet the CCQ and Insurance requirements.
  • The application for affiliation is to be submitted on the prescribed CCQ Application form.
  • All  fees and charges must be paid at the time of application.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation must be submitted with the application.

If  required the CCQ will assist you in meeting the requirements for affilliation.

Contact the CCQ Secretary to find out about affiliating your caravan club with the CCQ.

Do you want to form a new caravan club affiliated with the CCQ?

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Contact the CCQ Secretary to find out about forming a new caravan club.

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