Locality Expenditures

Locality Expenditures

It has long been recognised that caravanners, and indeed all RV owners, inject a huge economic boost into the towns and regions they visit whilst travelling this great country of ours.  To validate this, the CCQ has been collecting spending data, Locality Expenditure Data, from the CCQ affiliated caravan clubs since 2011.  In 2014 the CCQ developed a database programme to record and track these expenditures.

The National Association of Caravan clubs (NACC) also recognises the value of this data and has implemented a similar national database programme to record and track expenditures of all NACC affiliated caravan clubs throughout Australia.

Locality Expenditure data is only collected where the expenditures are associated with the regular club rallies and is recorded for each Locality where the expenditures are made.

Through the CCQ Locality Expenditure Data project it can be shown that each club can inject amounts of up to $10,000 per month into a community.  Amounts of over $170,000 have been injected into a Queensland community when the affiliated clubs attend an annual State Caravan Rally.

These expenditures boost the local and national economy by injecting money into it. This money pays rents and wages of staff, who in turn spend their wages in the local community. The rent and rates paid by landlords go to the local councils and again towards the infrastructure we all enjoy.  This flow-on or ripple effect is in the order of seven (7) times the amount of money spent in the region by the caravan club members.

The expenditure figures below are indicative of the spending by club members whilst attending club rallies throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

YearClubsLGAsSite/ VenueGeneralRovingYearly TotalGrand Total
20232230 $433,673
$722,146 $226,883
20183136$494,951$1,003,696$1,498,647 $8,107,117
20173237$412,258$856,068$1,268,326 $6,608,470
20163150$420,493$773,955$1,194,448 $5,340,144
20153258$447,311$914,250$1,361,561 $4,145,696
20142629$308,437$516,386$824,823 $2,784,135
2013$246,565$523,438$770,003 $1,959,312
2012$226,089$398,191$624,280 $1,189,309
2011$236,612$328,417$565,029 $565,029
Updated 4 March 2024

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