A note from the President – May 2016

Given the recent Local Govt. elections we have been unable to progress further with projects requiring Council input.  As and when we become aware of Councillor’s appointments we can then proceed with our projects.

At the recent NACC Directors meeting the issue of Liability Insurances was raised.  The ensuing discussion indicated major differences between States as to benefits and costs.

It was agreed that I undertake to investigate our options for a National cover under the management of the NACC on behalf of the States.  The prime aim being a reduction in costs to all stake holders.

The current combined spend by all States is in excess of $40,000 annually.

The Directors are aware that such a project has been undertaken in the past, however, we are also aware that the prime objective of the NACC is to provide benefits to all our Members.  The policies to be investigated are, Public Liability, Administration Liability, and Volunteer Insurance.

Interestingly, as a result of the initial investigation we now know definitively that there are 148 Clubs comprised of 5200 Member vans Australia wide.

It was agreed at the recent Delegates Meeting that the 2017 State Rally will be held in Goondiwindi.  Given that no firm expressions from Clubs to organise the 2017 Rally, were received the CCQ Committee has undertaken the task.

At this early juncture the response from the powers that be in Goondiwindi, are highly promising.  The confirmed date is from the 18TH -27TH September 2017.

MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDER. We will of course require assistance from all comers.

Please contact Barbara Rutherford if you or your Club wishes to offer your services.

I wish to thank Caroline Healy, who has undertaken the role of “New Club Development Officer” on behalf of the CCQ.  I am sure you will agree that this is a timely appointment in looking to the future of our organisation.

Bob McKernon