Gas Cylinders
The information below is from the Elgas web sites as shown. GAS CYLINDER CLASS When you get a chance look up the Elgas web site as it makes interesting reading about caravan LPG cylinders. Some suggest that you can only legally use certain Classes of LPG cylinders, where this article by Elgas states this as a myth and you can legally use any Class of cylinder on a caravan. The Class is only the paint & treatment coating rating and not structural strength. LPG GAS SAFETY GUIDELINES Visit Elgas at: GAS BOTTLE-CYLINDER TESTING FACTS & EXPIRY DATE In Australia, BBQ gas bottles must be tested every ten years. It is illegal to fill a gas bottle that is past its expiry date but you are allowed.
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Junee Golf Club

Public Golf Courses – Junee, NSW
2Golf Ave, Junee NSW 2663

RV’S and Caravans
Junee Golf Club has camping for RV’s and Caravans. The discounted price for CCQ members is $10 a night unpowered and powered sites at $20 a night. This is a $5 reduction from the 2019 pricing for each night of camping over.

Junee is an interesting town of more than 4000 people near Wagga Wagga with plenty of tourist activity – travel with Junee Buses P/L day tripper bus to Wagga Wagga (½ hour) with concessions if eligible eg. seniors/pensioners $2.50 per day Junee attractions include Chocolate and Licorice Factory, Monte Cristo (the haunted house), Railway Roundhouse Museum, Broadway Historical Museum, Ray (Rabbits) Warren statue etc.

Junee Golf Club is only 800m from the centre of.

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CCQ Delegates’ Meeting – Cancellation
There will no CCQ delegates’ meeting in September.  The decision was in response to the many committee members and delegates who would be attending the 2016 National Caravan Rally at Canberra.  If need arises another meeting could be scheduled..
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CCQ Defibrillator
It was decided at a previous CCQ Delegates’ meeting that the CCQ defibrillator could best be utilised by having it provided to an interested club on a permanent loan basis.  The defibrillator would be returned to the CCQ for use during CCQ sponsored events such as the State Caravan Rally. This action would save the defibrillator from being stored in the CCQ container where the machine would have no practical benefit and with the likelihood of deterioration occurring. Clubs were invited to notify the CCQ of their interest in obtaining the permanent loan of the defibrillator.  Only three clubs signalled their interest.  These were the Carousel, Capricorn and the Queensland Clubs.  A draw was held at the Delegates’ Meeting on Monday 9th May resulting in the Capricorn Club gaining the defibrillator on.
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