Free Safety Check Days

Caravanning Queensland renews free Safety Check Days in 2018

Caravanning Queensland together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Gas and Petroleum Inspectorate have again renewed their free Safety Check Days for a fourth year.

Weight checks are a real concern with many ‘vans and towing vehicles being overweight. They offer an exceptional educational (and reality) check for many folks who aren’t sure on their overall nor individual weight.

Caravanning Queensland CEO Ron Chapman has said that many thousands of the nearly 65,000 registered caravans and RVs take to Queensland roads every year, and safety should be of the utmost importance for all drivers.

“The Safety Check Days allow caravan and recreational vehicle owners to have their vehicles inspected, weighed and ensure that they meet Australian Design Rules and Road Safety regulations,” Mr Chapman said.

“As caravanning grows in popularity, so too does the need to ensure caravans are operating safely and simple things like adding a tool box to the back, popping a kayak on the roof or even travelling with extra water tanks can cause the van or vehicle to become overweight and overweight loads are dangerous loads.

“We also check to make sure that things like 12 volt lights and number plates are not obscured; and we make sure the tow-ball and vehicle and caravan weight is distributed legally and safely.”

The free Safety Check Days are open to any registered caravan, camper-trailer, motor-home or other type of RV owner. As at the end of 2017, the program had inspected almost 1300 RV and Caravanning set ups.

Make sure you get over to and register your interest in the free Safety Check Days to make sure you’re setup is as safe as it can be, and legal! Some dates for the checks have been locked in, which you’ll find out below.

Follow this link for details of locations and dates.