The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as provided below are generally generic. Each Caravan club is autonomous and have their own rules.

 Please contact the Secretary of a club for their rule relative to your FAQ.

FAQ about Affiliation (4)

There are many benefits for Clubs, as well as members, when a Caravan Club is affiliated.   Please refer to the affiliation page to learn of the advantages of being a CCQ affiliated club.

No. The CCQ does not offer vehicle insurance.

CIL Insurance donates a small amount back to the member’s club.

Club members can take advantage of Ken Tame Insurance through the NACC Benefits Card scheme.

Yes.  All Clubs must be incorporated to be affiliated.

Incorporated clubs require public liability insurance thus providing protection for the club, office bearers and members against any personal liabilities.

Yes.   Minimal annual affiliation fees apply.

Affiliation fees comprise a set club fee plus a small fee for each financial member in that club.