Form a New Caravan Club

Do you want to form a new caravan club affiliated with the CCQ?

The CCQ will walk you through the steps at your pace by:

  • Attending a meeting of potential members to explain the benefits of forming a caravan club.
  • Guiding you through the process of appointing a steering Committee.
  • Explaining the benefits to your new Club by affiliating with the CCQ.
  • Assisting with the compilation of a Constitution based on the Model Rules.
  • Assisting in presenting your Constitution to the Office of Fair Trading for approval and Incorporation.
  • Assisting with interest free finance to set up your new caravan club if required.
  • Being on hand at the first AGM when voting in your inaugural Committee.
  • Assisting you with the affiliation process.

Note: Conditions apply.

Contact the CCQ Secretary to find out about forming a new caravan club.


Is your Caravan Club affiliated with the CCQ?

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Contact the CCQ Secretary to find out about affiliating your caravan club with the CCQ.

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