The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as provided below are generally generic. Each Caravan club is autonomous and has their own rules.

 Please contact the Secretary of a club for their rule on your FAQ.

Affiliation – Are there any costs associated with affiliation?

Yes.   Minimal annual affiliation fees apply.   Each club’s fee is based on the number of members in that club.

Affiliation – Do you offer discounted insurance cover for my caravan?

The CCQ does not offer vehicle insurance.   Club members can take advantage of Ken Tame Insurance through the NACC Benefits Card scheme.

Affiliation – Does our club have to be incorporated to become affiliated?

Yes.  All Clubs must be incorporated to be affiliated.  Incorporated clubs require public liability insurance thus providing for protection the club, office bearers and members against any personal liabilities.

Affiliation – Why should a club be affiliated with the CCQ?

There are many benefits for Clubs, and members, when a Caravan Club is affiliated.   Please refer to the affiliation page
to see the advantages of being a CCQ affiliated club.

Clubs – Are there restrictions as to which club I can join?

There are minimal restrictions or limitations that may be imposed.  Some clubs are brand specific; meaning that you must own that brand of caravan or RV.  Some clubs have capped membership numbers and may not have vacancies at some point in time.

Clubs – Can I take my pet to a rally?

This will vary from club to club. Some clubs are pet friendly. Strict rules apply within clubs that allow pets, i.e. pets must be kept on a leash at all time and not allowed in the general meeting area or where food is being prepared or consumed.

Clubs – Do clubs accept singles?

Yes. Clubs are non-discriminatory. Singles are welcome in all clubs. However, some clubs may not have any at the time so you may like to check with the Club Secretary.

Clubs – Do I have to join the nearest club to where I live?

No. You are welcome to join any club that suits you. Some members travel many more kilometres than other members when attending a rally.

Clubs – Do members have to wear a uniform?

Most clubs have a uniform. Some ask that it be worn on special occasions or on a particular day of the rally.

Clubs – Do we need a four-wheel drive to go to the rallies?

No. Rallies are held at venues easily accessible by standard vehicles.

Clubs – How do I join your Club?

The CCQ is not a club as such.  It is the State Association for Caravan Clubs in Queensland. An umbrella organisation representing all the affiliated Caravan Clubs in Queensland. Individuals may join one of these clubs. Click here for further information.

Clubs – How much does it cost to be in a club?

Costs vary from club to club.  Clubs charge a one-off joining fee and an annual membership fee which covers the cost of a monthly newsletter and club running costs. There is also the camping fee cost charged by the venue at which the rally is held each month. As all clubs are incorporated as being non-profit, fees are kept to minimum.

Clubs – We are heading off around Australia, should we join a club before we go?

It is not necessary.  Prospective members must attend three rallies before becoming a member of a Club.  If time permits, then join a club.  Being a club member has advantages; it is a good way of meeting club members from other States and you will have access to benefits through our supporters.

Clubs – We don’t own a caravan, can we join a club as an associate member?

Generally, No.  However, previous club members who no longer own a caravan are usually accepted as associate members.

Clubs – We have an old van, would we be looked down upon for not having an up to date one?

Absolutely not.  There are a lot of older caravans in the clubs. You would be welcome in all clubs.

Clubs – We have teenage children can they be members?

Members’ children under 17 years of age are considered part of the family unit.  Children over 17 years may be required to join as Associate Members.

Clubs – What age group are the club members?

Members come from all age groups and all walks of life.  However, the majority are nearing retirement or already retired.   A Family Club has been formed for young families with children.

Clubs – What type of caravan or RV can we have to join a club?

Most clubs have specific rules on what constitutes an appropriate caravan or RV.  The permissible type of caravan or RV may vary from club to club.

Clubs – Where do I find a club that I can join?

Follow this link to the Affiliated Clubs Listing page. The clubs are listed in Alphabetical order and show the Local Government Area in which they are based. Click on a Local Government Area to show details of all Affiliated Clubs in that Local Government Area.
Contact details for the Secretary are provided.

Clubs – Why should I join a Caravan Club?

A caravan is a significant investment for you. Why let it sit in the back yard and only use it once a year for the annual holiday? Join a caravan club, and not only will you get more use out of your van, you will also get to meet and make new friends. Those new to caravanning will be able to draw on a wealth of knowledge from more experienced caravanners, whilst enjoying new people and new places.

Rallies – Can we bring our grandchildren to a rally?

Yes. Children are welcome in all clubs. Be aware that at some venues, there may be additional camping fees for extra people.

Rallies – Can we go to a State or National Rally if we are not club members?

No. Only members of affiliated caravan clubs can attend a State or National caravan Rally.

Rallies – Do we have to go to every rally?

No, although some clubs have a minimum yearly attendance rule.

Rallies – How far does a club travel to attend a rally?

Usually up to a couple of hours drive from where the club is based.  Some clubs hold roving rallies from time to time where quite long distances may be covered over an extended timeframe.

Rallies – How often are rallies held?

Club rallies are usually held every month. State Caravan Rallies are held annually and National Caravan Rallies every three years.

Rallies – My mother-in-law lives with us, can she come to a rally with us?

Members may bring guests from time to time.  However, she may need to join the club in her own right, i.e. as an Associate Member.

Rallies – We have school age children, can we go to a rally for the weekend only?

Yes. The official dates of most club rallies are for the weekend, but members can arrive and depart any time they wish.

Rallies – What do you do at a rally?

Clubs have a wide variety of activities.   Activities may include visiting local attractions, participating in games and activities organised by the club or enjoying the company of other members. In general, have fun and be involved as much or as little as you feel inclined.

Rallies – What does it cost to attend a rally?

There will often be two costs to be met.  The campsite fees being the major cost for the rally. The other being rally or club fees which will vary from club to club and rally to rally. These fees are to cover catering, entertainment or activities that may be provided for the rally.

Rallies – Where are rallies held?

Depending on the size of the club; usually in Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, Scout Grounds or such venues that can accommodate the club.