Caravan Friendly Towns

Caravan Friendly Towns Parking

Caravan Friendly Towns are towns that have been assessed by the CCQ as providing the necessary requirements to make caravanners feel welcome in their town.

The Guidelines for awarding “Caravan Clubs of Queensland Friendly Town” status are:

Appropriate signage at least 500 metres prior to the town boundary, on major roads. Indicating directions to Caravan Parking, supported by Business Area directional signage.

Parking for Caravans and RV’s provided within reasonable walking distance of shops such as Food Stores and Restaurants.
Parking at Information Centres to readily accommodate Caravans and RV’s.
Such parking to be policed to ensure usage is by Caravans and RV’s only.

Reasonable access to amenities such as toilets and water.

The CCQ may bestow Caravan Friendly Town status on a town where the community has shown strong support in the hosting of a State Rally in their town.

Tourism Offices and or Chambers of Commerce may submit applications for Caravan Friendly Town status. Applications will ideally be accompanied by a Site Plan indicating the above requirements.

“Caravan Clubs of Qld Friendly Town” Signage is based on Transport Dept. requirements.

Submissions for Caravan Friendly Town status for a number of towns is currently being processed.

A listing of Caravan Friendly Local Government Areas (LGAs) and the Caravan Friendly Towns in those areas is available on the right.


Is your town a Caravan Clubs of Queensland Friendly Town?

Contact the CCQ Secretary to find out about assessment for Caravan Friendly Town status.