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outback caravanning Queensland

2018 Caravan Clubs State Rally


22 – 28 October
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Caravan clubs of Queensland logo

Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc (CCQ) is the State Association for Queensland Caravan Clubs. The CCQ is a non-profit organisation providing a united voice for affiliated caravan clubs in Queensland.

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Caravan CLUBS


A Caravan Club is a group of like-minded caravan and RV owners, including family groups with children, who meet once a month at a pre-determined venue for a Caravan Rally.
Caravan Rallies are a social affair where members meet to enjoy each other's company.

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Caravan Club gathering

A Caravan Rally is a social gathering of caravan club members, with their caravans, meeting at a common venue for a period of a few days or longer.

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CCQ affiliation

There are many benefits for Clubs, as well as the members, when a Caravan Club is affiliated with the Caravan Clubs of Queensland.

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The Bulletin is the official newsletter of the Caravan Clubs of Queensland.  CCQ Newsletters are produced bi-monthly and distributed to all affiliated clubs and related bodies.

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locality expenditures

Locality Expenditures

It has long been recognised that caravanners, and indeed all RV owners, inject a huge economic boost into the towns and regions they visit whilst travelling this great country of ours.

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Campsite Etiquette

Regardless of where you stay; at a caravan park, a showground or a bush camp everyone's stay can be enjoyable by following simple guidelines for good Campsite Etiquette.

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the Road

Sharing the Road

Whether you are a new or experienced caravanner, a club member or someone who uses their caravan once a year for the annual holidays, common courtesy and observance of the road rules will make the journey and the roads safer.

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